Monday, September 24, 2007

Generation X, Y, Z

I’m confused, and you can’t say that it’s because I’m a baby boomer and we’re all in a confused pre-Alzheimers state. I just heard that there is a new demographic known as Generation Z, AKA the Silent Generation, and I’m worried that they have run out of letters for the next generations.

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I’ll Be Right Back

You’ve probably heard the story of the man in New York City who told his wife he was just going out for a newspaper and it’s been twenty years since she last saw him. My reaction to the story has always hinged on the kind of people they were. I mean if he was a rotten bastard, then I say she’s been better off without him.

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We Drown Cellphones

You know how sometimes you just can’t face the reality of a bad situation because you caused it, and you can’t blame anyone else. My wife is going through this. She washed a pair of her pants with the cell phone in the pocket.

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